Gravy Chilli Chicken Recipe

Well, Gravy chilli chicken is our of the popular Indo-Chinese Recipe. This is one of the favorite dish of my family and friends. Mainly boneless chicken is used in this dish and who loves bone they recommend to use boned chicken too. Whenever I Cook Chilli chicken, half of chicken get eaten by my elder […]

Very Easy Recipe of Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is just not only give taste your tongue but it s the perfect combination of protein and varieties of nutrition vegetables, chicken goes perfect with noodle soup as it enhance the taste of a simple noodle soup to the delicious flavor of chicken into the soup. My family love to have this […]

Ghugni Black Chickpeas Recipe for Breakfast

Ghugni is a preparation of black chickpea which is highly nutritious. I have learnt this Ghugni recipe from my mother. Her recipes are always easy and made simply. This recipe is thick in consistency. This actually go with chapati and Indian Breads and this combo is filling too. I found it took me almost 25-30 […]

Creamy Lasagna Cheese Homemade Food Recipe

Creamy Lasagna Cheese is absolutely a perfect meat for a family. My family absolutely love this lasagna. You can use variety of cheese in this dish. I think IĀ make Creamy Cheesy Lasagna and another Double Chocolate Chips pancakesĀ at least two or three times throughout the every month. It is pure winter comfort food. Cozy, cheesy […]

Easy Recipe For Making Double Chocolate Chips pancakes

If you like eating sweet in the morning, these Double Chocolate Chips pancakes can take you to the heaven on a Sunday morning breakfast when the whole family is around the table. You can decrease the calories by sharing these pancakes with everyone. And you will all feel above the clouds. Double Chocolate Chips Pancakes […]